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Things No One Tells You About Slot Machines

The slots are one of the popular games in a casino. If you intend to have fun, then slots are the ones to choose. Like other games in the Casino, there are some secrets about slot machines that has remained a mystery to the slots lovers. In this article, we’re going to unveil a few of them:


It is no secret that the slot machines produce large payouts, compared to other games. The placement of all the games in the Casino, including the slot machines is not random. Devices are placed according to the aesthetics of the ambience, where, slots that yield higher payouts are placed at the most famous corners of the Casino. Slot machines in prominent places are the ones that are profitable for the house, which is a disadvantage for the players. Hence, the next time you pay a visit, remember to play on the most obscure slots.

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Video slots over Reel slots

Video slots payout less than the classic reel slots. Reel slots are cheaper and of low maintenance, which does not attract the majority of the players. This is the reason, the casinos have gone extravagant on the video slots to attract more players and dial down the payout rate.

Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

The progressive jackpot slot machines are usually linked nationwide, and the lump sum amount is played across thousands of machines. The house usually has no cut in this. They do not want the players to know that, as they want them to assume it is like any other slot machine. However, the machine itself takes a small cut on every spin and convert into a major jackpot.

Psychology of the players

A team of psychologists and researchers usually accompany the slot machine manufacturers. They are hired to provide advice on the type of music to be used, colours and animations to be added, to encourage the players and make them happy. It is a boon for the players who are playing purely for entertainment, and bane for the gambling addicts who do not know when to stop. It is a two-way street.

Buttons in place of Levers

Previously, the slot machines had levers in place of the buttons. In recent years, they’ve changed the trend and converted it to buttons, as levers tend to decrease the pace of the game. That is the last thing the manufactures are looking for, because the more you spin, the more odds move in their favour. For example, if a lever consumes 20 seconds for a turn, the same can be compensated for 5 seconds with a button. So, it increases the odds of winning.

Being Traced


Slot machines are now sophisticated and networked. Hence all your moves are tracked. From the moment you enter your player card, till the moment you finish, all your movements are tracked and sent to the marketing department. They work on the best possible ways, which forces the players to return. A similar strategy is followed while playing online Casino.


Casinos haven’t introduced the slot machines to lose money. There are some unpopular tricks which will work in your favour if you play smart. It is also essential to find slot machines that have the highest percentage payouts. The next time you’re playing on the slot machines, make sure to keep this information in mind. Thank us later!


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